As the Open Source industry gets cohesive with every day passed it is becoming more interesting for architects to evolve customized solutions with different scalability patterns. I am interested in developing a enterprise frame work that provides a central integration platform for applications developed using OPEN Source softwares .

Contributor to R&D of IEEE 802.17 Standard in coming with a optimal way of scaling fairness mechanism with a relatively lower complexity algorithm such that the over head of processing is reduced and resultant effect is observed in performance optimization.Interests:Contribution of Adaptive Algorithm in Search Engine Architecture. Optimization of Enterprise networks and systems utilizing Open Source and COTS software. Strong contributor to Open Source projects, more in particular pNFS, Adaptive routing, overlay Networks, scaling of mySQL database in enterprise environment such that slaves are off-loaded to DR site made on virtual infrastructure. Constantly involved in coming with architecture methodology that makes the overall architecture of infrastructure running global operation, particularly in web2.0 space more economical, with increased business continuity assurance and responding to immediate remediation of blockade caused by non-functional or halted network nodes.

Asim’s works is  primarily focused in Infrastructure Engineering and Architecture where he has been dealing with problems that are related to scalability, disaster recovery, business continuity and setting up frame work of IT operations within Infrastructure Engineering such that it helps to assure continous uptime on crucial production application. Having a wide variety of vendor relationship in the industry around he has been integeral part in reducing the opertional overhead in various organization  Most of the positions he has carried out as been hybrid of Systems and network Engineering that gave him complete control of the operation environment in production. He carrys indepth knowlege on Unix (Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX) and  Linux systems where he has done many contracting as well as full time assignement targetting projects related to  version control, kickstart/jumpstart, directory services, monitoring solutions, automation,  database optimization on mysql as well oracle databases. In addition to that have offered services in the area of Network Engineering and architecutre for project that were related to enteprise backbone migration, LAN/WAN network redesign involving segmentation and throughput optimization. Juniper , Cisco, Foundary, Brocade, Fortinet are one of many product vendors that has been area of research, design and implementation. Asim enjoys troubleshooting complex Network and System Engineering along with architecture work. Currently he has been involve in working on R&D project that is known as Intelligent Profiling System (IPS) a next generation online profiling framework that would provide a central access point for internet users to group their resources on one central platform and based on the geography and cordinate layout update the points of interest (POI). IPS has feature of its subscribers to describe point of interests (POI) which will facilitate dynamic updates based on subjects positioning on the cordinate.

Asim carrys a Bechelors in Computer Engineering ( B.S. Computer Engineering) and Master in Telecommunication (M.S in Telecommunications) from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), located in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Asim has offered services in Globix,  9278 CommmunicationsRoss StoresVerizon BusinessBlinkx,Performant Financial Corporation and currently working at 2Wire Inc.

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