Leaders: What Defines them? Enforcers or Heart Winners?

Being a leader cannot be an easy task certainly because In my Opinion real Leaders are not made but they are born with those great instincts that defines leadership in its true sense, it does , however,  takes a toil to find those attributes in a personality. Its not a plug and play situation where one can exercise those abilities as if it was star wars and controls are on finger tips. It is never that simple in reality . Unprecedented  amount of effort one needs to put in to be recognized as Leader- Scarifies is what takes to give birth to Leaderships in its true sense.  A Leader is responsible of stakes that he takes in form of risks and decisions and is visioned to be one who has capability of rescuing its work force or followers from a situation that is depressing or disadvantageous in their interest.  Leader is suppose to think in greater interest of organization or the team he is representing. A leader is one who less thinks of his success but more about the morals and values of team, masses  or task force that he represents. A general perception of a Leader may be the one who owns big houses and mansions or has made tons of assets over a considerable period of time.  An abrupt sign of increase in wealth may not represent life style of true and credible leadership, a constant effort thus bring gradual increase in benefits but its absolutely not possible to get a spike in revenues  overnight and to be part of a true leadership that I intend to define.   Or I should rather put it this way , sudden spikes are only encouragement if they sustain for quite a long period of time .  But in my opinion, Leaders are those who carry a vision, a framework , a thought process that can enlighten several others and are means to find solutions about a particular problem or cause.  A Leader is one who has an ability to bring best out of a person and his team and can best manage them in challenging situations.  A Leader is one who bring results and has an ideology that people trust to follow. Leaders are not cursed but they are always remembered for something good they did or tried. Leaders are creative, professional, humble and never content with success but they always look at bigger picture, bigger problem to solve and great theme to evolve is always in their minds.  They create mindsets of successful people and sets goals which may lead to success or perhaps for some leaders its true that they work on the concept of  ‘eternal success’ . To me these Leaders are real ones and they can have control on almost everything that is around us. This statement is complicated and  perhaps be  a topic of  separate discussion but if  any reader my take interest in this kind of Leadership concept, I would love to elaborate it at some later time. Leaders respect Leaders and that’s the key to their success. Leadership is a blessing that is present in a personality and cannot be regarded as ‘skill’. To act like a leader is very different then ‘being a leader’ and taking ownership of things. Leader do not blame others but they have guts to face the challenge and with their extraordinary humble and responsible attitude they are confident yet careful in laying out strategy over the problem. Leaders strategies and trust teams they form. Leader carry an ability to make decision in tough times and act as a role model for their following teams. Leaders lift their game, they don’t leave the ground – to them every opportunity they get is valuable. Leaders are not lairs.  The success and respect they get is primarily because they have great personality and morals and because of this attribute they have history of bringing ease to their community, team or nation. Leaders are less in number but they tend to make an impact very effectively. Leaders are disciplined and they demand discipline at all times. Quality matters to them then Quantity. Leaders are down to earth but they are always top of the game they are in. Leaders have an ability to convey their ideology and vision that impacts their viewers and listeners. They talk simple yet are effective. They sleepless, eat less and help others as much as they can. They contribute to mother nature in some way which then contributes to the notion of Global or rather Universal peace.

Leaders are Global Thinkers and they tend to solve problems that will benefit greater masses. The magnitude of project less matters to them what values them is the end result and that is nothing but benefit in larger interest of  global  or any respective community. What concerns Leaders? that is Every other thing that is not right is their task to resolve. Some of those things that may concern leaders (endless list of action items to be continued…)

  1. Lack of Environmental Control
  2. Lack of Values of Environmental Importance
  3. Lack of Global Strengthen Economy
  4. Lack of  Control on  Nuclear Proliferation
  5. Lack of policy that creates Global Harmony.
  6. Lack of Jobs and Greater number of homeless people around
  7. Lack of abilities in achieving Goals (Short Terms and Long terms)
  8. Lack of Cleanness and Its Importance
  9. Lack of Education among people and Its Importance
  10. Lack of Morals in People and Its Importance
  11. Lack of discipline and Its Importance
  12. Lack of respect of time and Its Importance
  13. Lack of Safety measures and Its Importance
  14. Minority Groups that are helpless
  15. Strengthening Minority groups among Majority
  16. Lack of Research and Its Importance
  17. Lack of Respect and Its Importance
  18. Lack of Health Care and Its Importance
  19. Lack of  Respect of Personal Opinions.
  20. Lack of believe in Planning and Strategy and this list would never find its creative end, and thats why leaders are so important.

Leaders respect opinions and values them greatly. They are never scared of people above them as they tend to respect everyone that is around. Leader ponder and believe on self correction. Leaders are not copy cat, they have their own ways of tackling a situation. Leaders are sincere with their objectives and that is what in fact strengthens them, Leader are faithful and compassionate. Leaders are not cruel, they never hurt creation around them. Leaders have noble values and they retain their respect by being extremely humble for all the good they carry along. They blame themselves for every bad that happens. Leaders are not Selfish.

Leaders like constant innovation. It start from themselves. Known leaders have something great about them from their childhood. They were smart yet always reflected their standards that were valuable to them. Brands don’t define them and they are not impressed by defining themselves with success of others. They are in fact role model and they believe on their guts. Leaders proof themselves by their Actions. What they utter is aligned with their actions.  They retain trust and are great listeners. Leaders are not enforcer but heart winners.  Leaders suppress their rights and bring right of others up front. Leaders have credible and true story to tell. Leaders may not be perfect  but they may be considered perfect in relative terminology.  The world lacks a leader that believes on something that is far beyond  his or hers personal gains.

What kind of Leadership is required: An ideal leadership will be one that may turn peoples toward ultimate success.  Where they may not be any that is deprived of clean water. Where most people have jobs, and where do exist no Hate. Where people are ready for scarifies to bring betterment of others. One may give his chance to fulfill others. Where elders to be respected and young to be given compassionate attitude. Where they may not be anyone who is left without food. There is no one left mind by credible medical care, where everyone may be caring and respectful. Where people may not speak bad about others while they aren’t present. All good to be said and heard. Where people may be forgiving. Where there exist no depression, where there is nothing worrying that may hurt our heads. Where partners may not cheat each other, love to be spread , said and remembered. Positivity is the only way can join our hearts together and move forward together. Otherwise, we would be part of humongous sample space that is fragmented apart by greater distances and there would be no affection as the soul proceed to get closer to each other. The world today presents a scary picture that defines cruelty and injustice all around, unless that diminishes or perhaps reduced there would be great difficulty in making teams that are strong and long lasting. Short Term solutions may not be the need of time, we need Leadership that addresses all these crucial areas and be effective in their decisions such that where everyone may be able to contribute, share ideas and implement solutions that are necessary for coming generations to prosper.

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