Facebook To Buzz?

I personally don’t think this is going to happen overnight and also Buzz has a totally different feeling for users who are addicted to Facebook. In addition there is a great market of users on facebook utilizing with various Applications and thats what drives them to stay there. Although Buzz is robust platform in theory but the value cannot be seen by every other user. I personally feel and I could be wrong that there is only certain class of users who may be using Buzz. I have gone around in my group of friends and I have talked to several of them. Those who are some what computer frenzy or geek may see a value or at least willing to evaluate but not every other user who may be just a computer user Folks playing games likes Farmsville, UNO or any other app on Facebook can’t see a value there in Buzz or at least those class of people have to wait to see what new gaming App Google may produce for them! Google’s platform is not for Gaming as of yet and there may be just a lot of users they may not attract on Web. Facebook will retain its market and may grow steadily the way it is – Buzz might be another platform for users but in near future I dont see someone decommissioning use of Facebook and migrating contacts to do Networking at Google Buzz.

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