Facebook, Twitter Buzzed!

New wave of heat has emerged up their in Sillicon Valley when Google announced Buzz implictily challenging Facebook and Twitter. Buzz’s  product design as it appears is going to have more audiences as compared to Facebook as it is meant to serve in enterprises as well. The beta testing platform for buzz before product launch according to their product Manager Bradley Horowitz was Google’s 20,000 employee work force where initially buzz got  tested. Google believes that enterprises can benefit greatly from Buzz once employed in work force.The trade secret behind the success of Facebook and Twitter is the idea of “Comments” or in twitter’s terminology “Tweets” (145 character short blog). People tend to prefer”Tweets” or “Comments” on Facebook which in practical terms are similar functionalities. This however does creates a information wave (in google terminology “buzz”) which then introduces  challenges of organizing this information and possibly use them to study more discrete subjects that are hidden in information cloud. There could  be valuable  statistics that might be off interest to people, companies or corporations and thus if you look in granular terms there lies lot of information from marketing stand point that can prove effective to businesses if there is a way of organizing such a humongous data feed that is coming in form of tweets or Facebook comments. Google’s Buzz is  a platform that will serve such highly valuable data in way that they are organized and can be used to produce other useful information. For example, what was the most discussed subject in San Francisco in the month of February. Predictions and hopes: Who is winning super bowl tonight? What type of business is more effective in San Antonio, Texas.  I personally think, Google’s prime aim is based on a philosophy not to undermine any type of information and to index as much data as possible to create a promising relevance. In a Nutshell, Google’s strategy needs to get applaud here the way they have challenged organizations such as Yahoo in Search Space, Microsoft in OS, Docs, Email and with Buzz standing as a direct challenging to world top social networking platform Twitter and Facebook. It would be interesting to see in coming days how these companies may react to this product launch and will they be able to retain the market they currently hold in social networking space.

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