Ah..Blackberry Bold. Is it Really a Night Mare?

Or perhaps its me who has been unlucky to sustain to such a cool looking device.  I have been using blackberry phone since 2006 and I didn’t experience anything negative that I can remember. Excellent phone for busy people. I use to love it when I had to use it for conference calls while I am driving (Well, its not really cool to be on a technical conference call while heading to work but I had experience those a lot).  One thing that i noted is i can easily carry out most of tasks with my right hand and dont need to get the help of both the hands to operate it. Its pretty convenient in a sense. For instance, If I happen to have one hand on steering while I am heading to work, I can still use my second hand to connect to a conference call. If that had to be a AT&T Tilt, Iphone or any other it probably wont be that easy and quick to carry out this task.

So yes that confirmed I like Blackberry’s. I have been lucky enough to get BB”s nearly at all jobs I had except when I was working at Performant Financial’s, the company policy was to give BB”s to management staff ! fair enough, I upgraded by AT&T phone line subscription with a Blackberry BOLD. so why BOLD ? Well, Advertisement really works and this one got me to it:

You must play this advert if you haven’t yet, its really cool specially the music they have it in the background. I paid like $399.00 ($100 was mail in rebate), therefore, the the phone came out to be costing like $299.00 ~ 300 bucks!  My wife gave me this as a Birthday present and I really loved it ! So just imagine, this is the first time, when I had to put out my money to buy a Blackberry. Sadingly enough, as you will see it wasn’t really a cool experience going forward….

So I thought its the best Blackberry I got, cuz its BOLD (like me :) ) and it looks elegant  - and it would be fun to communicate to my folks at work or my social contacts.  Its not quite true what I experienced. The speaker phone started driving nuts as it wasn’t loud and in couple of days of my use the voice got dimmed to a degree that I wasn’t able to hear people properly and shortly I started realizing that I can no more use my one hand to do all that cool stuff ! So what now? Well, call AT&T support and since I am a valued customer they would take care of me ! So the truth is AT&T tried to troubleshoot the phone – I had to go through the pain of “wiping the handheld”, AT&T tried pushing some updates but it didn’t really help. So finally, the end up sending me a replacement phone and that was the most these guys could have done. I was happy at least i would get a replacement phone that should technically be solving my problem. The shipment was done via FedEx and the phone reached to me within no time and for that I would appreciate good support from AT&T ( wish they could lower their rates too). Guess what happens now, within 2 days I received the new phone. As soon as it arrived, replaced the SIM and battery and YES it worked! Speaker phone was working fine as expected!  The next thing I did connected it to my Blackberry DESKTOP software, pushed all my contacts and media files and I am happy AT&T customer praying for them to sustain the market and fights critism done by Verizon! :) . Just because i touched this subject, I have to say that AT&T has a better customer support as oppose to Verizon’s.  I dont know why but it appears that they are to some degree better then Verizon! But anyways, It wasn’t to long (perhaps, a week) and now I started having the same problems again with the new replaced blackberry! Speaker phone died and I am left with the same hassle. Couldn’t do much, called AT&T went through the same SAGA – and they sent me a new phone again as replacement. Well to cut short, this happened like 3 times! Isn’t this hillarious ! The BOLD that I paid 300 bucks for got returned back to the depo 3 times. Damn! I am no more loving Black Berry’s but guess what its only BOLD that is the problem here? Who knows! All i know this is my first smart phone that I paid from my pocket got me annoyed. So the 4th time, I got this AT&T Tilt 2 phone from HTC. :) The customer rep made me realize that it was the best phone in the list and it should be solving the problems I am having!  I realized that the 4th time the problem was not directly related to speaker phone but Had reception issue and was directed primarily to AT&T towers which were not sending strong signals.  But then the history with BOLD wasn’t that great and to really solve the problem from Grass Roots, it was recommended to get a replacement with Tilt2. The reality is it was really the service 4th time as I was getting the same issues with Til2 as well. Therefore, I decided to keep the BB and send back the Tilt2. AT&T refunded me about $110 for bad service and have filed a case with engineering. Dont really know how effective that is going to be but I am starting to realize that the fortune BOLD brought with it wasn’t that great and my experience with AT&T has got damped greatly. I aim to try Google’s Nexus sometime soon and hopefully that would heal the wounds costing me $529 dollars. Thats quite a bit of money to heal wound caused by smartphones :)

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